La Concha De Tú Madre

Episode 146

(00:23) Bringing up old shit!

(05:00) Job security.

(15:10) Corn wrapped in bacon.

(16:26) Bidet.

(25:56) Getting to know the Fellas.

(34:12) Is getting hit on by a guy flattering?

(42:52) Would You Rather?

(59:00) OSO QUESTION: What concert or event do you regret passing up?

Ask The Fellas
The New Show

Ask The Fellas starts recording live shows that are broadcasted on the internet. The shows ran 4 hours with small music breaks in between offering a wide range of topics including love, relationship, sex, drugs, music, and college stories.

Show was Temporarily Paused
The Fellas Take A Break

Ask The Fellas suddenly ends recordings after some of the cast become unavailable because of new jobs.

The iTunes Debut

The original shows were added to the iTunes library and garnered 72,000 downloads.
This prompted Jerokee to reconsider rebooting the show with the original cast.

The Fellas Are Back
The New Show

Ask The Fellas starts a new podcast with most of the original cast from 2004

The Fellas Offer Shirts

Ask The Fellas offers branded merchandise