2020 Podcasts Every Latino Guy
Should Listen To

Maybe you have a long commute or are just tired of hearing the same Coldplay song every time you turn on the radio.  These podcasts are made with the intention of livening up your life, entertain, and enlighten you.   There are soooo many podcasts being published everyday, but very few have enough production value or entertainment value.  To put it bluntly, there are a lot of weak podcasts out there. 

To help you get started, here are some podcasts we seriously recommend checking out if you are looking for some that speak directly to your culture.

Ask The Fellas

Longtime friends gather weekly to discuss topics ranging from relationships, sex, hobbies, life philosophies, raising kids, porn, movies, music, television shows, and more.  Opinion segments and listener questions round out the show.  The talk that you would often hear in a bar over a few drinks.  Make sure you listen with care if you are driving or using your scooter.   You might laugh too hard at times.

Chicano Shuffle

Fueled by tacos, the occasional adult beverage, and broadcast out of some vato’s garage in a shady alley in Los Angeles.  We are Chicano Shuffle. We are just a group of good friends that wanted to get together to shoot the shit. In doing so, maybe… just maybes… we can make some people laugh, share some knowledge, and maybe help someone make it through the week… or just rush hour.

*Crude humor may be included

*Set your language to spanglish



We are “Pochos pero Locos” A cool little familia just like yours except not really lmao !!! The trio is comprised of Pops, Buzz, and Beans. We navigate this world as chicanos and face the struggle of losing parts of our culture. We aren’t Mexican enough or American enough so we decided to embrace who we are. There’s advantages to being both .Join us in conversation as we discuss culture, music, life issues, love, struggles, and a whole lot of desmadre. Our goal is to uplift the Latino culture!! Viva La Raza!

What Can Go Wrong

2 crazy Mexican siblings who share funny stories and talk shit. New episodes drop every Saturday morning.

American Wannabes

Every week, comedians Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda and Christian Zaragosa talk life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as (basically, more or less) Americans. For real.

No Father, No Problem‪!‬

Hello, my name is Frank Blanco… I’m a UPS delivery man in the brown uniform staring at retirement within the next few years. These are just experiences of my childhood friend Chonuc and i.. and some skewed views of growing up in East LA. We have always had a sense of humor about most topic.

Decoding 40

Decoding 40, the hilarious comedy podcast where 4 longtime friends fearlessly and ferociously explore and “decode” the complex issues and thinking of today’s grown a** men.

So come join Vinnie, Alaric, Mack and Leon as we give you a glimpse into what men REALLY think… and drink!

This podcast is NOT for the faint of heart, but is guaranteed to have you in stitches. This is a TRIGGER warning. If you’re sensitive about anything, you’ve been warned.

The Raw Dog Show

Each episode features a different couples sharing their unique perspectives on love, sex, and relationships.  

Together we will go deeper into the rational and primal minds by having them answer 3 simple questions:

  1. How do you define love?
  2. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a past relationship?
  3. Describe the feeling of an orgasm.

We will close each episode by answering one question submitted on rawdogshow.com

You like that?  Well, then, let’s go in raw.

Pura Cultura

Podcast about the Hip Hop/Pop Culture including Latino artists and entertainment . also our input on all current events happening in USA and around the world.

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