No Glove, No Love

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
No Glove, No Love

Episode 167

(0:23) Barlos is absent again! Stealthing.

(9:00) These stupid kids!

(13:55) OSO QUESTION: Would you rather?

(20:35) The way we speak and how we adjust to our audience.

(22:15) Hooking up with a woman hotter than you are.

(28:33) Getting back on topic: Oso Question.

(29:40) LISTENER QUESTION: Lady Fella wants to know if she should date in reverse.

(57:45) Are you able to force yourself to love someone?

(1:04:20) Suggestive lyrics?

(1:08:05) Who says “I love you” first?

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