Bad Dick

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Bad Dick

Episode 191

(0:23) Sho’mars Pollack painting.

(04:22) Stimulus Payments

(6:32)  A Mick le gusta el chile.

(16:45) LISTENER QUESTION: Would you kiss a girl that just threw up?

(26:40) LISTENER QUESTION:  His cum tastes like rotten eggs.

(33:50)  A Lot Can Go Wrong.  Thank you to Jules and Pierre from the What Can Go Wrong Podcast.

(38:55)  Why do women love to pop a man’s pimples?

(53:50) Do you grunt when you sit down or get up?

(57:40)  Whataburger?

(1:05:25) What would you wait in line for?