The Old Switcheroo – Chavo, Part 2

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
The Old Switcheroo - Chavo, Part 2

Episode 208

ALTERNATIVE TITLES:  Let’s Be Adults, The Old Switcheroo,  The Valet, Sharing Time, Lust or Love, Getting Strapped, Cheaper Than Dating,

(0:23)   The Old Switcharoo.

(06:02)  The Valet.

(22:44)  Deshawn Watson.

(27:44)  Selling Time Shares.

(41:41)  FELLA LISTENER QUESTION:  Lust or Love?

(51:40) OSOE QUESTION:  Take a strap on or take her last name when you get married?

(55:20)  FELLA LISTENER QUESTION:  Her man can only have sex with porn on.