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Ask The Fellas
Bad Bunny

Episode 210

ALTERNATIVE TITLES:  Dazed & Confused, Say My Name, Say My Name, Sexy Mahogany, Addicted to Video Games, Bad Bunny, A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Show Me The Money, I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It, You Ain’t Got Time to Talk, Lasting Longer in Bed, Viagra & Some Wood, 

(0:23)   Welcome.

(06:02)  LADY FELLA QUESTION: My boyfriend yelled out a man’s name during sex.  What should I make of this?

(16:44)  What do you think about to not climax as quickly?

(24:30)  LISTENER QUESTION:  Why do females change their sexual habits after years of the same relationship?

(37:15)   The relationship recap.

(40:00)  LADY FELLA QUESTION:  My boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with me because he is playing video games.

(50:00)  We are done with video games.  

(53:12)  Bad Bunny kissed a woman and a man.

(1:04:50)  LADY FELLA QUESTION:  What’s better?  Sex with 200 women once, or sex with 1 woman 1000 times?