This Ain’t Working: Outtakes

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
This Ain't Working: Outtakes

Episode 222

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Well Caffeinated, It Didn’t Work Out,  Cutting Room Floor, Between The Lines, This Ain’t Working, 

(0:23)   Caffeine Fiends.

(4:06)  My shitty car.

(6:50)  Today’s taggers suck!

(12:05) Your Starbucks order.

(15:05) It’s getting hot in here. 

(17:30) Asking for the new password.

(20:30) Climaxing.

(22:50) Cholo Fit.

(24:20) Memory Loss.

(27:28) Business ideas.

(31:20)  Noelia!

(33:20) Noelia tears down the Fellas.

(36:10)  Getting off your chest.

(41:10)  Osoe Question:  Cartoon Lust.

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