I Failed As A Father – Oso

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
I Failed As A Father - Oso

Episode 232

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Social Anxiety, Did I Stutter?, Phone Rich, I Failed As A Father, I Give Up, Trauma, Adversity, Lo Chupo El Diablo, No Medical Insurance, We Can’t Raise Victims, Racist Menu?, Buenos Dias…Chimichangas?, Throat GOAT, Ta Buena Tu Vieja, 

(0:23)  Social Anxiety.

(6:15)  Technology has made us dependent on it.

(19:25)  I failed as a dad.  My kid was traumatized.

(30:20) No medical insurance.

(39:15)  Did our parents do it right?

(47:45)  Racist Food.

(54:40)  Throat GOAT.

(59:50)  Ta buena tu vieja.