Bitches Ain’t Loyal

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Bitches Ain't Loyal

Episode 134

(00:23) Pan

(1:57) Barlos’ Rant: POSER.

(10:04)  OSO’s “Would You Rather?”  Sounds like a man or ugly girlfriend?

(17:45)  Continued

(21:30) LISTENER QUESTION: Lady Fella writes in.  A friend’s husband has an identical twin and she wants to hook up.

(28:30)  A woman told two best friends that she had an identical twin so she could date both men at the same time.

(33:18) Turning a woman into a lesbian.

(38:30)  After the break up: Internet Stalking.

(43:05)  LISTENER QUESTION: Covering for your boy, but lying to your wife.

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