Turn-Ons: Getting Slapped

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Turn-Ons: Getting Slapped

Episode 182

(0:23) The Fellas go to get meat.

(06:20) Barlos Queefed!

(08:10) Barlos has a rant…again!

(11:35) LISTENER QUESTION: My girlfriend wants me to slap her during sex. Should I?

(17:25) Barlos is growing a vagina.

(19:30) I miss the little things we used to do when we were poor.

(29:30) LISTENER QUESTION: When’s the last time you used a public restroom to drop a deuce?

(34:55) Poo Pourri!

(43:45) When do you know you have to replace your underwear.

(50:40) Barlos had a bad day.