Inducted Into The Hall of Fame

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Inducted Into The Hall of Fame

Episode 184

(0:23) Sho’mar gets gypped.

(5:00) Devil music.

(9:45) I hate people that drive this car.

(15:50) The Fellas get inducted into the Hall of Fame of…

(23:05) How long has Mick watched porn in one session?

(28:40) LISTENER QUESTION: A married couple chooses to live in separate apartments 2.5 years into their marriage.

(40:00) LISTENER QUESTION: Do you have trouble falling asleep?

(49:40) Let’s Get Serious: Would you donate a kidney to the Fellas?

(57:35) Are you an organ donor?

(1:04:10) Urban legends.