Group Therapy

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Group Therapy

Episode 200

ALTERNATIVE TITLES:  Angles To Make Her Come, Fuck / Marry / Kill, Chili Willie,  What if she says, “NO”?, Pro Squirt?

(0:23)   Meet Chili.

(5:00)  How We Met Chili.

(11:53) Introduction to Chili.

(28:12)  Feeling Left Out.

(35:00)  Group Therapy.

(36:55)  LISTENER QUESTION:  What if she says, “NO”?

(46:00)  LISTENER QUESTION:  Are men making us late?

(54:40)  Squirt or Sprite?

(1:00:30)  Fuck, Marry, Kill the Fellas