We Are Sorry, Noelia

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
We Are Sorry, Noelia

Episode 218

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Noelia Needs , Excuse To Slut It Up, We Are Sorry, Noelia, Hot For Teacher, Avoiding Affection, Healthy Communication, Fuck it, I’m Down.

(0:23)   Welcome the Madame of Murder

(8:18)  Halloween: Excuse to slut it up.

(28:40)  Texting-only relationships

(35:33) THANK YOU

(40:35)  LADY FELLA QUESTION:  My husband doesn’t show me affection.

(54:14)  LISTENER QUESTION: My Ex-wife is dating our son’s current 2nd grade teacher.

(1:05:25)  LISTENER QUESTION:  Every time my husband and I fight, he never says, “I’m sorry”.