Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas

Episode 234

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Choriblocked, Late For Class, 15-minute Rule, Coming Out, They Chinese Theater, Small Dick Energy, Hall Pass, Ana De Armas is my Hall Pass, Honor the Hall Pass, Fine Print, Hall Pass: DENIED, Hall Pass: Alysha Del Valle, Poking Around, First-Time: LOST, 

(0:23)  15-Minute Rule.

(5:05)  Cock-blocked.

(15:30)  Reading a map of the United States of America.

(28:40) LISTENER QUESTION: My girl was called on stage and she started kissing the singer.  I broke up with her.  Was I wrong?

(42:13) I couldn’t find the pussy.

(57:12) Tangy Pussy

(59:05) Prime Sports Drink.