Life Is Short, Just Push Through

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Life Is Short, Just Push Through

Episode 101

•  (0:20)  Barlos hasn’t been to the grocery store since March 2020.

•  (7:20)  Welcome to the show!

•  (6:10)  Do you think your odds go up if you get butt naked during a date?

•  (10:20)  What are your intentions on a date?  If the woman lets you in to her place during a date, what are her intentions?

•  (16:33)  Mick remembers having sex in a car.

•  (18:14)  LISTENER QUESTION: What would you do if your girl has a lot of tattoos and you have none?

•  (28:24)  Margot Robbie: Revisited.

•  (39:41)  LISTENER QUESTION: Why do men get excited about meeting up with a girl and then lose interest shortly after, even before having sex?

•  (49:03)  LISTENER QUESTION: What should I do if my neighbor mad dogs (stares me down) when I park in front of his house?

Join Jerokee, Sho’Mar, Micktorious, and Barlos discuss some of the most thought provoking and talked about topics known to man.  We say what you aren’t willing to admit in public.

Special Thanks to Ramon and The Chicano Shuffle for creating the Ask The Fellas Theme Song!