Chris Rock / Too Soon

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Chris Rock / Too Soon

Episode 236

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Too Soon, We Started This Gangster Shit, Alien dick, Rules for Dating My Daughter, Bend Your Dick, So Good You Gotta Slap Yo Momma, Chris Rock Bitched Out

(0:23)  Barlos is Back.

(3:48)  The People missed Barlos.

(10:40)  LISTENER QUESTION: Rules for dating your daughter.

(10:45)  Off-topic.

(33:30)  OSO QUESTION:  Would you rather have Mike Tyson slap you once a month?  Or slap your mom once a month?

(46:44)  Chris Rock bitched out.

(57:20)  The People!