Sharing A Toothbrush

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Sharing A Toothbrush

Episode 237

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Getting Older, Tuna Ceviche, Old Injuries, Put It In Your Mouth, Smelly Strings, Sharing Toothbrushes.

(0:23)  Barlos is Back…again!

(3:40)  Getting Old.

(11:50) Poor Man’s Ceviche.

(17:48)  What are the whitewashed things that you currently do?

(35:10)  Getting Older.

(40:55)  Never been injured.

(44:30)  LISTENER QUESTION: Your partner using your tooth brush.

(52:16)  Smelly Strings.

(52:51)  The problem with our society…not enough sex.

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