Dirty Mouths

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Dirty Mouths

Episode 238

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Cruisin’, Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’,  Disconnected, All You Can Drink, Knocking ‘em Out, I Eat Ass, I’ll Eat Anything, How Much Do You Love Your Dick?, Swapping Spit, Dirty Mouths

(0:23)  Barlos is going on a cruise.  Muted car colors.  Huge finger nails.

(9:22) Sharing a toothbrush.

(16:50)  LISTENER QUESTION:  How many 3rd graders can you take in a fight?

(22:00) Barlos is going on a cruise…continued.  All you can drink.

(30:15)  LISTENER QUESTION: What’s the weirdest thing you are willing to eat?

(40:22)  OSO QUESTION: How much do you love your dick?

(48:22) Mexican Word of the Day.