Softer, Softest w/ Sebastian Cetina

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
Softer, Softest w/ Sebastian Cetina

Episode 239

ALTERNATE TITLES:  Bombing, You Never Forget Your Worst One, Bringing Work Home, I Hate Strip Clubs, Getting Soft, Soft Flirting, Soft Swinging, Soft Porn, Getting Soft w/ Sebastian Cetina.

(0:23)  Welcome.

(10:55) Attacked on the comic’s stage.

(13:50) LISTENER QUESTION: What’s the going rate for teeth from the tooth fairy?

(18:33) Cruise Ship to the Mexican Riviera.

(27:50) LISTENER QUESTION: Is it cheating if…

(39:20) LISTENER QUESTION: Is it ok to soft flirt with a stranger?

(45:35) Watching porn and our health.

(50:35)  Blue balls and soft core porn.

(53:50)  Soft Swinging.

(58:25)  Women close their eyes.

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