The Search for the 5th Fella – Oso

Ask The Fellas
Ask The Fellas
The Search for the 5th Fella - Oso

Episode 245
ALTERNATE TITLES: Friend of Ours, Friend of Mine, Search for the 5th Fella, Friend Whore, Blowing It Up, Match/Spray/Fan, Holding It In, Clogging The Toilet, Known As The Shitter, Nudes To All Your Contacts, You Wanna Cry?, Make You Want To Cry, Art,

(0:23)  Welcome.
(09:22) Confession. Clogging the toilet.
(19:04) WOULD YOU RATHER?: Clog the toilet during your first day at your dream job or first date with your dream girl?
(26:24) OSO QUESTION: Send your nudes to everyone on your contacts? Or upload a sex tape of yourself to the internet?
(34:00) Sending a message to the wrong person or chat group.
(41:30) Music.
(53:10) Make you want to cry?